Davin is an award-winning director with a sharp eye for detail. His perspective is drawn from unique life experience and his outlook is transmitted in front of the lens. Davin started his career making music videos for artists like Drake, The Sheepdogs and The Arkells where he collected numerous awards and skills before shifting his focus into the commercial world. Davin’s work has garnered millions of online views and has many nationally televised broadcast projects under his belt including work with clients such as Google, Nike and Uber. Davin is a collaborator who understands branding and deliverables and how to make the desired emotion become a reality on camera. His extensive production knowledge allows Davin to make things happen and attack projects in ways others can’t. He is a world traveller with shoots on location in many countries as well as a vast experience in studio. Always looking to push forward, there is no challenge or technique that Davin runs from.