Kitty's a highly adaptable storyteller who believes the best idea wins.

An award-winning Toronto photographer who loves a challenge. Whether it's making a stone-faced client laugh, taming a baby bobcat, or pulling off that technique you thought was impossible to achieve without Photoshop. She's got your back. Endlessly curious, and always game to collaborate and support artists.

Armed with a Film Specialist from U of T, and over a decade of experience, you can find her work everywhere. She’s behind some of your favourite magazine covers; she’s responsible for pivotal outdoor campaigns for some of Canada’s biggest multimedia and television networks, and she’s always open for ways to integrate and support the causes and charities that mean something to her.

Kitty's a champion for illustrating human diversity and vulnerability whenever possible, and photographing animals in a way that’s respectful and illustrative of their quirks. Plus she’s just fun to be around. You’ll find her happiest bathing in the summer sun, playing with her husband Roz, and daughter Roxy. Always creating.