Born and raised in England, Terry Collier’s passion for images led him initially into the film industry and then into the commercial world of advertising where he started as a table top photographer, primarily shooting liquor and beer ads. Upon moving to Toronto Canada in 1976, he was asked by an art director to shoot a motorcycle. Applying his lighting techniques to larger reflective objects became an obsession that he continues to embrace.

As one of the most successful advertising photographers in the automotive arena, Terry has established an enviable reputation as recipient of over 100 international awards and continues to push the boundaries of creativity within the camera. Known particularly for his creative lighting skills, Terry believes that photography is an art, but most importantly it is a craft and the photographer’s role is to take the creative director's vision to the ultimate level.

“In a highly competitive business, you have to offer something different. You have to go much farther than is expected by your client. Instead of doing things the same way, push the envelope…that’s the way to stay fresh and on top of your game”

Terry has worked with top automotive brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Ford, Honda, Acura and more.